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Who We Are

We are a global network of industry mavens, subject matter experts and venture capitalists purposefully driven to dramatically improve the growth trajectory of our clients.

Jack Harvey, Accelarise

Jack Harvey

Managing Partner

Jack Harvey is a proven growth-oriented technology executive with results-driven performance in a variety of complex technical fields including data science, social media, ad tech, mobile payments and software. Jack most recently served as President & CEO of Own The Room where he led their worldwide growth bringing the Own the Room communications methodology to over one hundred Global 500 companies in twenty-seven countries in seven different languages. Prior to Own The Room Jack served as EVP, Partnerships at TechStars juggernaut Gnip where he helped set the stage for their $134,000,000 sale to Twitter in 2014.

By building powerful relationships with Global 200 organizations Jack has been instrumental in helping companies pave the way for IPO, acquisition, new product launches and entering new markets worldwide. During his career, he has interacted with some of the world’s most influential leaders in technology, finance, medicine, sports, media and been featured in Fast Company and MSNBC.

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What We Do

Whether launching new products, opening new markets, or optimizing operations, we bring our clients to the next level of growth.


We invest an inordinate amount of time upfront to fully understand our clients priorities professionally and personally. Our approach to discovery allows us to see the whole person and enables our teams to create solutions that change what's possible at professional, personal, team and corporate level.


The top of the line Tesla goes nowhere with an uncharged battery. Same is true of you, your amazing team and highly disruptive idea without the right capital partners in place. We'll work to groom your organization to ready you for your capital raise and align you with capital sources.


Relationships matter. When you do not have a seat at the table you are not part of the conversations that matter most to you, your company and your industry. Through our network of thought leaders we work to bring the conversation to you by directly connecting you to the thought leaders and luminaries that matter most to your success.


We support our community locally and globally. What does that mean? We believe where we invest our resources matters. We give back, pay it forward, actively supporting our community near and far by investing in social entrepreneurs and donating our services to not-for-profit organizations creating truly exceptional outcomes.

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